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(Blog #3)

He Was More Than Just “The King of Pop” …

It has been eight years since the shocking, unexpected death of the legendary
and iconic Michael Jackson, who forever changed the landscape of music and
entertainment in general.  While I, for one, still never got over the complete shock
and grief of the unthinkable sudden loss of this worldly treasure,
I know I am not alone.

His music will forever live on, as will his singing, his dancing and his overall
presence.  No other artists, before or since, had his magnetic charisma.  He could
do it all.  Just watching him was electrifying.

I remember watching the “Thriller” video for the very first time, which was the
very first music video I had ever seen on MTV and remains to this day the single
greatest and most original video I have ever seen in my life.  Since then,
countless artists have tried duplicating his method of long-form video making,
and continue to today.

But keeping all this in mind, we must also remember that besides being a one of
a kind entertainer and artist, Michael Jackson was also a son, a brother, a friend,
a father…a man…a human being.

And he was a kind human being with a big heart and with unending and
unwavering compassion for all humans, especially children.  And it was the kind
of unique empathy for others that cannot be faked or taken for granted.  He
wasn’t doing it for the publicity.  He was helping others because he truly did care
about people.  He loved people.
Hence the reason he was always out there putting smiles on everyone’s faces
with his music, his dancing and his overall presence.

There will never ever be another Michael Jackson.
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